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FAQs Plugin and Licenser

I am not sure if the Vertigo Sound Plugin runs under my OS and Host. e.G Windows 7 and Maxix Musicmaker.

Please test such a OS/Host combination with the free Trial version.

Drag & Drop doesn't work during the Licensing Process.

Your Browser does not support Drag & Drop. Drag the hardware icon onto the desktop of your computer. Load it to the Vertigo site by double clicking the drop zone: "PLEASE DROP YOUR HARDWARE INFORMATION HERE OR CLICK TO UPLOAD"

I want to replace my computer by a new one. Can i uninstall my license?

No. Please contact We will transfer your license to your new computer-similar to selling your license.

How many license do I get buying a Vertigo Sound Plugin?

You get 3 Licenses. The Licenses are bound to specific computers and can be used simultaneously.

How many computer hardware can be exchanged before the license gets invalid?

You can change up to 2 components in your computer. The exchange of hard disk and Ram is no problem. However in a very few cases you might contact our support team.

Do I need internet access at my DAW to activate my license?

No. It's much more comfortable but you can manage your license activation with an USB Stick. But of course you need another computer which is connected to the internet.