Licence Manager


For generating licences with the latest version of plugins (Versions 1.1.x and higher), this page is outdated. Please use the Licence-Tool, which is included in the installer package. If you want to activate a Demo-Licence, please use the 30-digit Licence Key, which ist provided below, download the installer package and paste the code in the appropriate textfield.

If you want to assign an old version of the plugins to your computer, you can still use the licence drag&drop activation. Please notice: Only for versions 1.0.x. The version of your plugin you can find as a part of the installer filename.

  • Product: {{licKey.product}}

    Licence Type: {{licKey.type}}

    Creation: {{ | date}}

Licence Type: {{selectedLicenceKey.type}}

Product: {{selectedLicenceKey.product}}

Creation: {{ | date}}

Key: {{selectedLicenceKey.key}}

If you have no products yet
Add a 30-digit licence key

If you got a licence key for one of our software products, you can enter it here.

It's in the format of 6 groups, each with 5 letters or digits.


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Name System Registration
{{}} {{computer.os}} {{ | date}}
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  • Product: {{licence.product}}
  • Licence Type: {{licence.type}}
  • Creation: {{licence.creation | date}}
  • Expiry: {{9000 < licence.expiry.getFullYear() ? 'never' : licence.expiry | date}}
  • Computer: {{}}